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“Designing Obama”- a contribution at a time


Designing Obama from mas / menos on Vimeo.

The success of the Obama campaign can party be put down to the millions of small donations from supporters. In this vein, Scott Thomas, the Design Director of the campaign, is soliciting contributions for the release of a book documenting the design effort.

The book is a reflection on how Barack Obama used ‘art and design to bring together the American people—capturing their voices in a visual way.’

Thomas is using Kickstarter as a platform to fundraise for the production of the book – what he calls a “Obama-like fundraising model.” More than 930 people have backed the effort with over $60,000 already pledged. The goal is to reach $65,000 by 5th November. Once this happens the book will go to the printers and should be available around the New Year. The finished product is set to come in an 360-pages of hard-bound art and commentary, with a copy being sent to all the backers.

For an idea of what the book might contain see Scott Thomas’ talk below about the campaign. In it he describes how the 2008 campaign marked the first time that branding and design played a pivotal role in a presidential bid.

Scott Thomas: Designing the Obama Campaign from 99% on Vimeo

For more on the campaign check out:

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