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Open Government – The movie


Open government consultancy Delib have just released a short film documenting the first 12 months of President Obama’s Open Government initiative.  It features interviews with key players and commentators involved in the Open government movement.

Interviewees range from the White House’s deputy CTO for Open Government, Beth Noveck, to Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media.

The documentary was shot by Delib founder Chris Quigley over two months last year, on location in Washington DC and via Skype.

Beth Noveck on the importance of the Open Government memorandum:

The reason the Open Government memorandum was the very first executive action the President took…setting forth the three central values of Transparency, Participation and Collaboration by which we define an Open Government, is because it’s really central to the governing philosophy and vision of the administration. It’s important to us, not only because openness is the right way to go, but also the best way to run and effective and efficient government.

For more details on the film, check Chris Quigley’s interview on Federal News Radio and delib.co.uk/opengov

The movie was created before the Open Government directive was released. For more on the status of the directive, check ProPublica’s Transparency tracker.

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