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Richard Fahey

I work in the area of SAP Business Intelligence. My interests are Social media, Collaboration, Government 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and Visual Design. I maintain another blog at The Visual Everything and also blog infrequently about SAP and Business Intelligence at SAP Developer Network.

An occasional contributor to Govfresh and GoverningPeople.

You can contact me on Twitter, Linkedin or via email: richard AT rfahey.org

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Research and Publications

* The impact of rewards within communities of practice: a study of the SAP online global community Journal of Knowledge Management and Practice. Volume 5, Issue 3.

* Research cited in User-centered Design of Online Learning Communities. (Niki Lambropoulos, Panayiotis Zaphiris)

Enterprise 2.0: Involved in many Enterprise 2.0 activities including creating and updating various wikis, outlining collaboration strategies, participating and engaging in web 2.0 webinars and generally evangelizing new collaboration tools.

Government 2.0: I frequently tweet about Government 2.0 and particularly US and UK initiatives in this area. I’m a big fan of the transparency and citizen participation initiatives.


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