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KM is dead


Really interesting blog post on the death of the concept of “Knowledge Management”. The interview by Patrick Lambe with Dave Snowden and Larry Prusak gives a great overview of the ‘fad’ of KM and why it should now be considered ‘dead’. It is gradually being replaced by the concept of social computing and social productivity software e.g. wikis, blogs, social networking etc.

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  • David GurteenNo Gravatar 23/07/2008, 5:18 am

    I am not so sure that KM is dead. KM is much more than just Social Computing. I think it is evolving and becoming more social under the influence of Social Tools – see


    David 🙂

  • rfaheyNo Gravatar 23/07/2008, 9:12 pm

    I agree. Read your post with interest. In fact, at the company I work for they have renamed their knowledge management base KM2.0. It now contains wikis, blogs, forums etc. Also, anyone can upload, rate and comment on documents. This was not the case before as things had to be reviewed and categorised before being accepted into the knowledge base.

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