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SAVE Award Interviews


The White House has a nice collection of blog posts written by SAVE Award finalists. They outline their stories and the reactions they received after becoming finalists. The sense of pride and achievement they express is invigorating. It showcases the passion and dedication of many in the federal government towards saving money, improving efficiencies and having their voices heard.

Listen to the President speak about all four ideas below:

Huston Prescott’s SAVE Award Story:

All in all it was an overwhelming but exciting event to be involved in. I think that everyone that worked on the project submitting ideas or reviewing them and organizing everything should be very proud of themselves. As we begin to see some of the ideas implemented in the next few months or years, I can look back and smile as I know that I had a part in it.

Huston’s (Department of Housing and Urban Development) idea and interview with Federal News Radio:

Christie Dickson’s SAVE Award Story:

Becoming a finalist among more than 38,000 candidates is one of the greatest accomplishments in both my career and my life.  I received tremendous support from my family, church, friends and co-workers.

Just the opportunity to go from being a regular Federal worker with simple ideas to almost making it to the White House with those ideas was amazing. I received so much positive feedback from co-workers and the general public in regards to the idea that I really do hope it’s taken into consideration to be implemented.

Christie’s (Social Security Administration) idea and interview with Federal News Radio:

Julie Fosbender’s SAVE Award Story:

As word got out about the “Final Four,” I started to receive emails from Forest Service employees all around the nation thanking me for submitting this idea because they are just as frustrated with our collections process as I am.  Those emails (from folks I don’t even know) and good wishes from present and former Forest Service co-workers and friends (as far back as college) really made this time special for me.

While I’m bummed that my idea didn’t win (so I’m not going to meet with President Obama), I am totally psyched that there are already serious discussions higher up in my agency about how this process can be streamlined.

Julie Fosbender’s (Department of Agriculture) idea and interview with Federal News Radio:

Winning idea

Nancy Fichtner is due to meet the president on Monday, so there will be an update from her then. Meanwhile, check Nancy Fichtner’s (Department of Veterans Affairs) winning idea and her interview with Federal News Radio:

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